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One of the worst feelings in the world is walking to where you left your car parked and not finding it there. At first, you may think that perhaps you parked it elsewhere. Maybe it's in a different area of the parking lot. After spending over a half hour looking around, you come to the sickening realization that your car has been stolen. READ MORE >>

Boating is a favorite warm-weather activity for many, but remembering to sail in safety keeps it fun for everyone. After all, you won't be having too much fun if you get into a sticky situation and don't have the supplies to help you reach shore safely. When boating, remember the following pointers for staying safe on the water. READ MORE >>

If you're familiar with car insurance, you know that there are many coverage options beyond what is required by law. Motorcycle owners are presented with a similar array of options, plus several more that are tailored for the smaller vehicles. READ MORE >>

Drivers who accumulate numerous transgressions while behind the wheel are often a danger to everyone else on the road. If tickets and fines aren't teaching you to drive safely, then maybe a notification that you must obtain SR-22 insurance will do the trick. READ MORE >>

Boaters enjoy afternoons on the water because of how relaxing it is to rock on the waves under the sunshine. But those skies aren't always sunny and blue. Storms, hurricanes and other forms of bad weather can do some real damage to your boat if you're not prepared in advance. How do you prepare? READ MORE >>

It's fun to spontaneously hop in the car for a weekend road trip, but traveling with a pet requires a bit more planning. However, the extra packing is often well worth the time because it allows you to save on costly pet boarding fees. So what should you do to keep your pet safe in the car? READ MORE >>

Whether big or small, car accidents can be a serious hassle. Between filing claims, locating an auto technician, renting a replacement care and becoming necessary medical care, it could be days or weeks until your life is back to normal. Accidents can also be quite expensive if you don't have the right insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Hundreds of people die in boating accidents every year and over 80 percent of them were not wearing life jackets. You may think lifejackets look strange, but they're designed to keep you afloat and they have been proven to save lives. So how do you use a lifejacket? READ MORE >>

Driving during rush hour traffic can be very frustrating, but it's crucial to keep your road rage in check. Why? The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that aggressive driving behaviors contribute to approximately one-third of all car accidents and two-thirds of accident-related fatalities. READ MORE >>

Do you have a vintage motorcycle that you and your friends admire? It's probably quite valuable and expensive to repair. Being proactive with maintenance and storing your bike safely in a garage or shed is a good first step toward comprehensive protection. READ MORE >>

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