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Do you dread the thought of storing your motorcycle for winter? Some people love biking so much that they choose not to let the weather stop them. However, if you ride during winter, you’ll need to protect yourself from the biting, bone-chilling winds. READ MORE >>

More than 12 million Americans run a business out of their home, yet an estimated 60 percent of them lack any type of business insurance. If you run your own home business, no matter what size it is, business insurance is essential. Here's why. READ MORE >>

Everyone has heard that your driving record influences your car insurance rates. If you have been in an accident or received a speeding ticket you can expect the price of your insurance to go up in many cases. The following list includes items that affect car insurance rates that people often find surprising. READ MORE >>

Even the most enthusiastic motorcyclists often put their bikes into storage during winter, when the bitter cold air is too bone chilling for safe riding. But before you tuck your motorcycle in for the season, there are a few tasks to complete to keep it safe in the harsh cold. Maintenance READ MORE >>

Working over the Internet as a self-employed business owner is very satisfying. This is especially true during bouts of bad weather when your neighbors are preparing for a horrible commute. Although an Internet business protects you from awful commutes, it doesn't protect you from getting sued by an irate client. READ MORE >>

One of the worst feelings in the world is walking to where you left your car parked and not finding it there. At first, you may think that perhaps you parked it elsewhere. Maybe it's in a different area of the parking lot. After spending over a half hour looking around, you come to the sickening realization that your car has been stolen. READ MORE >>

Boating is a favorite warm-weather activity for many, but remembering to sail in safety keeps it fun for everyone. After all, you won't be having too much fun if you get into a sticky situation and don't have the supplies to help you reach shore safely. When boating, remember the following pointers for staying safe on the water. READ MORE >>

If you're familiar with car insurance, you know that there are many coverage options beyond what is required by law. Motorcycle owners are presented with a similar array of options, plus several more that are tailored for the smaller vehicles. READ MORE >>

Drivers who accumulate numerous transgressions while behind the wheel are often a danger to everyone else on the road. If tickets and fines aren't teaching you to drive safely, then maybe a notification that you must obtain SR-22 insurance will do the trick. READ MORE >>

Boaters enjoy afternoons on the water because of how relaxing it is to rock on the waves under the sunshine. But those skies aren't always sunny and blue. Storms, hurricanes and other forms of bad weather can do some real damage to your boat if you're not prepared in advance. How do you prepare? READ MORE >>

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