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Business owners need insurance. Among your most-indispensable policies is liability coverage.

General liability insurance policies can help your business because they let you assist others if you make mistakes that harm them. Auto Insurance Discounters offers commercial insurance that will include focused, industry-appropriate liability coverage. Contact us today at (866) 288-6545 to get a quote.

What Is General Liability Insurance?

Should your business' operational or service mistakes harm others, you might have to pay for the damage you caused. Upon filing a claim on your liability policy, such parties as clients or vendors will receive the financial benefits. They can get help in their recovery and move on with their lives.

By having liability insurance, you will have a resource to settle such costs. You therefore won't have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for expensive claims. Policies can also greatly reduce the risk of a lawsuit against the business, further increasing your commercial security.

What Does A General Liability Policy Cover?

General liability insurance is basically the foundation of any business' insurance portfolio. It will cover the most-common liability risks that most businesses face.

  • Bodily Injury: This is coverage that pays for the physical harm that others sustain. For example, if a client slips and falls in your store, this coverage can pay for their recovery costs. It might pay for cost of care, lost income, loss of services and even provide a death benefit.
  • Property Damage: This coverage can help you pay someone for damage to or loss of use of their personal property. If you cause a fire while servicing a kitchen, for example, it can help you pay the damage costs.
  • Products-Completed Operations: After you finish a product or project for someone, they could get hurt as a result of faulty services. This coverage can help you pay for their losses. So, if you finish a plumbing project, when proceeds to fail, this coverage can compensate the client.
  • Products Liability: This coverage more-narrowly applies to product-related injuries or accidents. So, if a coffee cup you make shatters and burns a customer, this coverage can help you defend yourself and cover their losses.
  • Contractual Liability: When you sign a contract with a client, you might encounter liabilities if you fail to do your work as promised. General liability coverage can help you pay for such losses.
  • Legal Defense Costs: When you encounter liability lawsuits, general liability policies will usually help you pay for the costs of defense, as well as settlements and related costs.

Your Auto Insurance Discounters agent can help you determine the right way to structure your liability coverage so that it effectively. applies to your distinct risks.

Other Coverage Options

If you have more-specific liability insurance needs, we offer other policy options. These include:

  • Reasonable Use of Force
  • Borrowed Equipment
  • Liquor Liability
  • Commercial Auto Liability (With Commercial Auto Policies)
  • Non-owned Vehicle Liability
  • Fire, Lightning or Explosion Liability
  • Water Damage Liability
  • Accidental Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury
  • Advertising Injury
  • Cyber Liability

In some cases, you can add this coverage to your general liability policy, itself. In others, you can buy supplementary policies to augment the standard general liability coverage.

How Much General Liability Insurance Do I Need?

To determine where to start your liability coverage, take a close look at factors that might influence how much protection you need. These might include:

  • Coverage requirements set by state law or industry regulators
  • The size of the business
  • Your industry and industry risks
  • You and your employees' backgrounds and experiences
  • The business' location

Generally, it's a good idea to carry as much liability insurance as you can afford, so you shouldn't hesitate to increase your coverage within reason.

How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost?

Your policy's premium will vary, and it will likely roll into the cost of your greater business insurance package. Let our agents help you maximize your cost savings among all your policies.

Get Started Now

The sooner you get general liability insurance, the more financially-sound you will be. Call Auto Insurance Discounters at (866) 288-6545 or get an online quote. We're ready to help!

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