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Auto Insurance Discounters can insure not only your car, but also your rental home, apartment or condominium. Contact us today at (866) 288-6545 to get a quote on renters insurance that will protect you and your personal assets!

What Is Renters Insurance?

A rental house is as much a home as any other. Renters insurance can help you not have to worry about how you can afford to pick up the pieces following accidents at home. It is a lot like homeowners insurance, but it won't force the renter to carry unnecessary coverage because they don't own the property.

Why Do I Need It?

Insurance (of any kind) exists for one reason—financial assistance. Policies are supposed to help you afford unexpected, unavoidable costs that arise in various parts of your life. Renters insurance can help those who experience problems in their rentals pay the costs that arise from such losses.

What Does My Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters policies can contain a variety of coverage, all of which the policyholder will find essential.

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: If you cause bodily harm to others — such as friends, guests or neighbors — this coverage can help them pay for their medical bills, lost income or similar costs.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: This coverage can pay for the repairs to someone else's property. For example, coverage will often pay for property damage you do to the rental home itself. It will help you pay the property owner for repairs and other costs.
  • Accidental Medical Payments Coverage: A guest could get hurt in your home from any accident. Regardless of whether were at fault, this coverage can help the injured person cover their costs.
  • Pet Liability Coverage: Your pet might bite another person. Or, they might damage the rental or the belongings of someone else. This coverage can help you cover the damage costs.
  • Liability Legal Expenses Protection: Should a third party sue you for causing their property damage or injuries, liability insurance can offer help with legal bills.
  • Possessions Coverage: Following such events as fire, vandalism, theft or weather damage, this coverage can help you replace your personally-owned items, including your furniture or clothes.
  • Scheduled Items Coverage: Enhance the limits of possessions coverage with this endorsement. You can use it to receive full reimbursement for expensive items—jewelry, furs, etc.
  • Living Expenses Coverage: If covered events, such as fires, force you to temporarily leave the rental home, this coverage can help you cover such costs as hotel bills.

Keep in mind, your policy won't cover everything. The policy won't cover mold damage, unless the mold develops as a part of damage from a covered accident. It also won't cover car damage, which is why you need car insurance.

For help insuring special items or risks, our agents can assist. We want to make sure you get as much coverage as possible for your specific needs.

Can Renters Insurance Be Required?

Often, a landlord will require you to buy renters insurance as soon as you move into their rental property. By moving into the home, you'll pose risks to the property owner. They therefore want to ensure you have the backup to take responsibility for problems that might arise.

Who Does Renters Insurance Cover?

There are many people who can receive coverage under renters insurance.

  • If you are the primary renter and the policyholder, you'll be covered.
  • Your spouse, children and other qualifying family members living in the home have coverage.
  • Roommates will have coverage if you list them on the policy. However, roommates usually buy separate policies to keep their assets apart.

What Does Renters Insurance Cost?

Your renters insurance premium will vary, but policies often fall under $20/month for apartment renters. We'll help you get the perfect fit of coverage, and you'll never have to pay an unfair price for it.

Get Started Now

The sooner you get renters insurance, the more financially-sound you will be. Call Auto Insurance Discounters at (866) 288-6545 or get an online quote. We're ready to help!

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