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Kansas SR-22 Insurance

Kansas SR-22 laws cover a variety of circumstances. If you have questions about your SR-22 insurance and you’re a Kansas driver, then Auto Insurance Discounters is here to help.

Remember, Kansas SR-22 requirements will be different from other states, so always confirm that your SR-22 policy is still active if you move across state lines in the Kansas City area.

What is a Kansas SR-22?

The Kansas Drivers Control Bureau is now interpreting state SR-22 laws differently than in the past.

Kansas has three different SR-22 certificates.
  1. Operator’s Certificate: Covers a driver who does not own a vehicle.
  2. Owner’s Certificate: Covers financial responsibility for the owner of a vehicle.
  3. Operator-Owner’s Certificate: Covers all vehicles that are owned or not owned by the motorist.

What Qualifies as an SR-22 in Kansas?

In Kansas there are several cases where an individual is required to file an SR-22 certification:
  1. Failure to have insurance or meet insurance minimums required by Kansas.
  2. Any license suspension that results from failure to show proof of insurance.
  3. A person is convicted under Kansas’s “Habitual Violator Statute.” Habitual violations include insurance fraud, DUI, failure to stop at the scene of an accident, driving on a suspended license, failures to pay fines, felonies when a vehicle was used, and vehicular homicide.
  4. Failure to provide insurance because of an accident.

How Long Does SR-22 Insurance Last in Kansas?

The enforcement time of SR-22 insurance in Kansas has recently changed. A Kansas driver is required to carry continuous SR-22 coverage for a period of 12 months.

However, if a driver lets his or her insurance lapse for even one day, the SR-22 becomes inactive; it then must be held for a period of 12 months from the date proof of insurance is re-established.

What Does SR-22 Coverage Cost in Kansas?

You can use our online SR-22 Quote Form for fast, easy access to a quote.

Remember, Kansas may require additional fees if you are trying to re-instate your driver’s license following a suspension. Those fees are paid separately of your auto insurance policy.

Auto Insurance Discounters is here to help you understand the costs, liabilities and fine points of SR-22 insurance. If you need Kansas SR-22 coverage, don’t delay! Call us today at (866) 288-6545.
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