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Missouri SR-22 Insurance

If you have questions about your SR-22 insurance and you’re a Missouri driver, then we are here to help.

Remember, Missouri SR-22 requirements will be different from state to state, so always confirm that your SR-22 policy is still active if you move across state lines.

What is a Missouri SR-22?

If you’re deemed to be a high-risk driver in Missouri, you will likely be required to get an SR-22. Missouri requires drivers to contact their insurance company to obtain an SR-22 form.

What Qualifies as an SR-22 in Missouri?

SR-22 Insurance is generally required when a driver seeks to re-instate his or her license after a suspension.

It is important to note that Missouri has a Mandatory Insurance Law that requires all drivers to have to carry minimum levels of insurance coverage. Failure to carry proper insurance coverage can result in a suspension and an SR-22 requirement.

Other common circumstances that require SR-22 are DUI convictions, reckless driving, or driving without insurance.

If you have questions about your Missouri coverage, ask an agent today!

How Long does SR-22 Insurance Last?

In Missouri, if you have been suspended for a Motor Vehicle Accident Judgment, then an SR-22 certificate is required for two years from the starting date of a driver’s license suspension.

However, if your driver’s license was suspended for False Insurance or Mandatory Insurance, then you must keep your SR-22 on file for three years.

If the Mandatory Insurance suspension involved an accident, an SR-22 filing is required as proof of insurance.

Additionally, other circumstances that will require SR-22 coverage may have longer SR-22 requirements.

What Does SR-22 Coverage Cost in Missouri?

An SR-22 in Missouri will likely result in an insurance rate increase. Additionally, there may be other fee requirements in order to re-instate your driver’s license following a suspension.

You can use our online SR-22 Quote Form for fast, easy access to a quote.

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