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Why Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance?

There’s something special about owning a motorcycle. But it isn’t a cheap investment. If something were to happen to your bike, repairing or replacing it could become expensive.

Consider the following incidents that could put your motorcycle in danger:

  • A wreck might damage the bike. You will then likely have to pay to repair or replace the item.
  • Dangerous events - such as fires, vandalism, theft or weather - might also damage or destroy the bike. Again, you’ll need funds for repairs or replacement.
  • Your accident might lead to injuries you or your passengers. You might have medical bills to pay.
  • An accident might injure another driver or damage someone else’s property. If the accident was your fault, the affected person might be entitled to compensation.

In each of these cases, a strong motorcycle insurance policy can be useful. Think about the costs associated with bike damage, injuries or property loss. They could easily snowball to exorbitant amounts. Could you afford these costs? Most people usually can’t off-hand. Your motorcycle policy can help you cover at least some of the costs associated with motorcycle damages.

Getting the Correct Bike Policy

The team at Auto Insurance Discounters understands that you need carefully-tailored coverage to protect your bike and your bank account. We will work with you to develop a policy that won’t put a dent in your finances, but that will protect you against dangers you might face by owning the bike.

State laws generally require bikers to carry certain levels of motorcycle insurance. However, you will likely need more coverage than what’s required. Motorcycle owners should purchase:

  • Collision Coverage: This coverage helps pay for repairs or replacement of your bike following a wreck.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Theft, fire, vandalism, weather or other incidents could damage your motorcycle. This protection can help with repair costs.
  • Liability Coverage: You may have a responsibility to compensate a third party for injuries or property damage sustained in an accident. In such cases, this coverage can help you pay the affected person.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: This protection might help you pay for your medical expenses, or those of a passenger, after an accident. It might also help with funeral expenses if an accident turns fatal.

Policies can also contain other types of coverage that can help bikers following accidents, breakdowns or other damaging events. For example, roadside assistance coverage may be able to help you if your motorcycle breaks down on the road.

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