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Getting in a wreck is one of a driver's worst fears. After you make sure everyone is okay, get medical treatment and file an insurance claim, you'll likely still face remnants of the incident through increased car insurance rates. It's an added frustration on top of an already stressful situation. READ MORE >>

If you commit certain moving violations, chances are that you'll be required to have an SR-22. But what exactly is an SR-22, and why do you need to maintain it? What Is An SR-22? An SR-22 has many names. Known as SR22 insurance, a Certificate of Insurance or a Financial Responsibility Finding... READ MORE >>

When you've committed certain traffic violations, your state of residence may require you to carry an SR-22. If you have bad credit, it may be hard to get the car insurance you need to file an SR-22, however. It's difficult, but not impossible. You don't have to give up on driving completely if you have bad credit and require an SR-22. READ MORE >>

Every year you might receive the following question from your auto insurance provider: How much are you driving per year? Most people have no real idea how many miles they put on their vehicle from one year to the next. But it is a good idea to monitor this. READ MORE >>

If you drive, you need to follow the rules. Cars are extremely dangerous if you don't use them correctly. It takes specialized and ongoing training to remain safe behind the wheel. You also need to have car insurance to protect both yourself and others in the event you make mistakes that lead to wrecks or other mishaps. READ MORE >>

Teaching kids to drive is something that most parents dread. You are introducing your teen to the rules of the road and instructing them on how to use a dangerous piece of machinery. It's going to take a lot of patience and care to make sure you give your teen appropriate training. READ MORE >>

Everyone has a budget these days, and this is especially true for single-parent households. Within the Kansas City metro area, 43 percent of households are single-parent in Jackson County, while 28 percent of households in Clay County have this designation. The state's adjusted median gross income is slightly more than $38,000. READ MORE >>

If you have ever made mistakes behind the wheel, you might had to face the penalties. In many states, this have meant getting an SR-22 certificate. SR-22s essentially force you to carry car insurance. As long as you have the SR-22, it is important that you focus on being a safer driver than before you got it. READ MORE >>

Everyone wants to save on car insurance rates. However, you might not know exactly where to start. Getting the lowest rates takes time and a commitment to detail. In fact, there are multiple ways that you can work proactively to get beneficial rates. What are some of these? READ MORE >>

It is no secret that a car accident might cause severe injuries to those involved. You likely carry liability insurance in case you cause harm to other drivers. However, what if you or your passengers also get hurt? How can your policy help you? READ MORE >>

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