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Accidents are one of the most worrisome elements of driving a car. You can control how focused you are and even how good your skills are. You cannot control other people on the road with you. Understanding why accidents happen can be insightful and it can provide you with a bit of information to help you avoid potential accidents. READ MORE >>

The requirement of an SR-22 can mean paying a higher amount towards your car insurance. However, SR-22 insurance doesn't mean you should overlook key ways to reduce those costs, like choosing a deductible that is slightly higher. READ MORE >>

Comprehensive auto insurance is one of the most important types of insurance products for vehicle owners. This type of insurance provides protection from a range of incidents. You may know you need auto insurance that minimizes liability risk. You also know that you should have property insurance to protect your vehicle in times of accidents. READ MORE >>

It's the start of spring and with that comes the need to send your team out more frequently for house calls. If you have a sales-based company, you need to protect your business not just in the form of ensuring you hit your sales goal, but also to ensure that you have the right level of protection in place to safeguard your business assets. READ MORE >>

Many people take their driver’s license for granted until they actually lose it. Without a driver’s license, it seems as if you lose a bit of your freedom since you can’t go places the same way you once did. Fortunately, if you’ve only been ordered to maintain SR-22 insurance, then you should cherish the ability to go anywhere you want, when you want. READ MORE >>

Driving while drunk is an offense that some people don’t take as seriously as they should. After a DWI is issued to a particularly high-risk individual or after an individual receives a second DWI, he or she may be required to participate in a Weekend Intervention Program (WIP), delivered by the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP). READ MORE >>

Many people view gap insurance as an expensive investment and think they do not need it. Yet, if and when it becomes necessary, it could be one of the most important investments you can make. Car gap insurance can help you to recoup some of the losses after a significant accident that would not otherwise be covered by your traditional auto insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Whether you just purchased your car or you simply treasure it, the thought of wintertime snow and salt on your car's paint finish can be troubling. And if you’re like many other car owners, you hate brushing up against the dirty exterior and finding your clothes covered in muck. READ MORE >>

Commercial auto insurance isn't just a rule for the road, but a benefit to nearly every company that operates a vehicle. Commercial auto insurance can cover more than the vehicle itself; it can cover some of the risks associated with the operation of that vehicle. READ MORE >>

Perhaps you weren’t paying attention, or maybe you were just running behind for the day and needed to get someplace quickly. No matter why it happened, if you are facing a speeding ticket, you may initially be upset about the actual fine you'll pay. However, you also have to think about the impact it can have on your car insurance. READ MORE >>

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