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Different states have different rules for drivers, but an SR-22 insurance filing is usually required after certain types of moving violations. In some states, the form that needs to get filed is called an FR-44 and not an SR-22. READ MORE >>

Commercial auto insurance is a must have for businesses operating a delivery service or any other business that relies on a pickup truck. You may be a contractor that carries tools in your truck. You may be a repair technician that goes from one location to the next. You may make deliveries. READ MORE >>

Commercial auto insurance provides extensive coverage to business owners. If you operate a vehicle as a part of your business, it pays to have a policy designed to meet your specific insurance needs and risks. The company could be held liable if an employee causes an accident while performing a work task. READ MORE >>

There are lots of myths about auto insurance that are often passed from person to person. One of the most common myths is that red cars cost more to insure than cars of more neutral colors. So, where did this myth come from and what’s the truth? READ MORE >>

Your auto insurance policy is split up into several types of coverage, of which you may have some flexibility in choosing the options you wish to purchase. For example, your state will require that you buy liability coverage, but collision coverage may be optional. READ MORE >>

With the change of season, it's time for you to ride your motorcycle a few more times, then put it up to protect it from cold temperatures. The idea of putting your motorcycle away until it warms up can be bittersweet. However, without properly storing your motorcycle, riding it again may cost you in repairs. READ MORE >>

Your car sees a lot of time on the road. From taking your children back and forth to school to holiday trips to spending time with your family, your car gets very little rest. With so much travel time, many of the components of your car can wear down, way before you expect them to, which can put your family in harm's way. READ MORE >>

Purchasing auto insurance can seem confusing, even if you've owned a car for years. How much coverage do you need? What types of perils should you protect yourself against? You do have numerous options. For example, you may be required under law to carry uninsured or underinsured liability coverage and minimal liability insurance. READ MORE >>

If your driving record is not up to standards, a judge can order you to file an SR-22 insurance certificate with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to restore a suspended or revoked license. Most drivers that need an SR-22 have: A number of traffic offenses READ MORE >>

Now that you own the motorcycle of your dreams, it's time to think about insuring it. Insurance on motorcycles needs to meet several goals. First, it needs to protect other drivers on the road from accidents that you may cause. Second, it needs to protect the value of your bike in the event that you're involved in a covered incident. READ MORE >>

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