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Even though boats are leisure items, you do not want to pay too much for your boat insurance. Each dollar you save can be put towards the cost of gas to fuel your next sea excursion. So, what's the best way to save? By adopting the following strategies, you can save on your boat insurance premiums. READ MORE >>

Our beautiful country offers majestic mountain ranges throughout many of the states. Whether you have the privilege of living near any of these breathtaking peaks or you just travel through them on a vacation, they present some unique driving challenges. READ MORE >>

After the record snowfall in New England this winter, it’s easy to see how natural disasters and other events can get in the way of conducting business. Extremely poor weather, downed power lines, building destruction and supplier interruptions can all contribute to a standstill in business operations. READ MORE >>

In these difficult economic times, people are holding onto their cars longer. As your car ages, the insurance premiums that you pay each year are likely to drop due to the reduced value of your car. Every year you put off buying a new car means more money you save from not having to make monthly car payments on a new car. READ MORE >>

More than 12 million Americans run a business out of their home, yet an estimated 60 percent of them lack any type of business insurance. If you run your own home business, no matter what size it is, business insurance is essential. Here's why. READ MORE >>

If you're familiar with car insurance, you know that there are many coverage options beyond what is required by law. Motorcycle owners are presented with a similar array of options, plus several more that are tailored for the smaller vehicles. READ MORE >>

Whether big or small, car accidents can be a serious hassle. Between filing claims, locating an auto technician, renting a replacement care and becoming necessary medical care, it could be days or weeks until your life is back to normal. Accidents can also be quite expensive if you don't have the right insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Do you have a vintage motorcycle that you and your friends admire? It's probably quite valuable and expensive to repair. Being proactive with maintenance and storing your bike safely in a garage or shed is a good first step toward comprehensive protection. READ MORE >>

If you're shopping for car insurance, you might hear many terms you're familiar with. While you are buying only one policy covering just one vehicle, many factors determine the cost of your car insurance policy — and these terms often are used to describe these factors. READ MORE >>

Kansas City Auto Insurance In Missouri and Kansas, you're required to purchase auto liability insurance and uninsured motorist insurance, which covers the damages to other drivers following an accident that you cause. Kansas residents must also purchase Personal Injury Protection coverage (or PIP). READ MORE >>

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