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Running a business that uses multiple vehicles takes a fair amount of oversight. You have to make sure you keep the fleet in good shape. You also have to make sure deliveries get to customers safely. This will involve hiring a team of responsible drivers. Some drivers might use company cars all day, every day. READ MORE >>

Running a small business requires a lot of time and commitment. That might mean being on the road a lot. Many smaller companies find it beneficial to invest in a vehicle that they use for business. In fact, many of them even use their vehicles as convenient sources of advertising. READ MORE >>

Motorcyclists must follow high standards. Each state punishes reckless driving, particularly if the offender has previous citations on their record. Though you might feel tempted to burn rubber, prepare to face the consequences if you do. If you receive charges while on your motorcycle, those will show up driving record. READ MORE >>

As a motorcyclist, you likely know that you need skill to ride safely. Bikes, after all, are two-wheeled vehicles. You'll need to adapt a different mindset than you would while driving a standard car. A bike's speed and maneuverability might lead riders to take unnecessary risks. Don't let this temptation take hold. READ MORE >>

We all strive to be safe drivers. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. The rules of the road vary, and in many cases, we're tempted to bend the rules. If you get caught breaking the law, the punishment will likely go on your driving record. Frequent driving charges equal tarnished driving records. READ MORE >>

All of us should strive to be safe drivers. The benefits are obvious. If you don't have wrecks or get tickets, you're going to save yourself a lot of time, money and stress in the long run. Not only that, you're making the road safer for yourself, your family and everyone around you. READ MORE >>

Running a business involves dealing with necessary expenses to keep the door open. Among your business expenses might be insurance costs. Expenses also might include the costs to maintain company vehicles and drivers. If you operate vehicles for commercial purposes, you might need commercial auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Vehicle ownership is not simply limited to a person. Businesses use different vehicles every day. Some businesses own the vehicles they use. Others let employees use their own vehicles, while still more hire or rent vehicles. The catch here is that standard auto insurance usually doesn't cover vehicles used for business. READ MORE >>

Cars are expensive, but they're also sensitive commodities. Although we try to keep them running for a long time, cars will eventually wear out. This reality can impact a vehicle's maintenance needs. As cars age, the costs and risks associated with vehicle maintenance tend to increase. READ MORE >>

Ridesharing is in vogue these days. But is it making our streets safer, for drivers and pedestrians alike? Progressive Insurance and Data For Good collaborated to find out. Auto Insurance Discounters has answers to your questions on ridesharing insurance. Contact us to learn more! READ MORE >>

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