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Drivers who carry SR-22 certificates are deemed high-risk when they hit the road. But, even if you have an SR-22, there are ways that you can lower your on-road risks. SR-22 requirements generally come after serious traffic violations such as DUIs, at-fault wrecks or multiple speeding tickets. READ MORE >>

If you've been required to get an SR-22 certificate, it is likely to have an effect on your auto insurance coverage and prices. SR-22 requirements are certificates that your insurance company sends to your state DMV following a variety of traffic offenses. READ MORE >>

Everyone's driving history is different. Even the most perfect drivers face risks when they hit the road. Some of these risks can cause drivers to commit driving offenses. If you receive a driving offense, you may have to get an SR-22 certificate for your driving record. READ MORE >>

Now that the winter is over, we are all looking forward to warm weather and the chance to get out of the house. You're likely looking to hit the road and take advantage of the longer days. Before you start a road trip, there are many different safety elements you need to consider for your car. READ MORE >>

No two businesses are alike. However, most of them probably have the same goal, to remain profitable. You likely want to see your business expand, but you can only do that with the right finances. Most business owners invest in various forms of insurance to protect their assets. READ MORE >>

“I want my auto insurance rate to increase." There are very few people who have ever uttered this statement. In fact, most of us want to do everything possible to lower our auto insurance rates. It’s natural to have the cost of your auto insurance on your mind. No one wants to pay more than they have to. READ MORE >>

The hectic nature of everyday life doesn’t leave a lot of room for inconveniences. You have a family to take care of and bills to pay. But, mistakes that break the law can have a negative effect on everyday life. Sometimes, your driving habits could break the law in a severe way. READ MORE >>

Many businesses employ delivery drivers. In today’s world, food, package and hardware material delivery are ever-present. Your business may not focus on solely on delivery. Nevertheless, you may still hire professional drivers to deliver business items or products. READ MORE >>

Many associate an SR-22 requirement with a charge of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). If alcohol or a narcotic has impaired you, then you are not safe behind the wheel. This is the universal truth. The safest drivers refrain from practices that could get them an SR-22 requirement. READ MORE >>

When one of your employees drives on behalf of your business, there is always the risk of a wreck occurring. Whether you employ professional drivers or send an employee to the store, the company’s risks go up. Car accidents that occur during business operations are usually covered by commercial auto insurance. READ MORE >>

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