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Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, is designed to protect you and your business in circumstances that your general liability policy might not cover. General liability policies usually exclude coverage for any harm you might cause someone while carrying out your work or because you gave them bad advice. READ MORE >>

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycles comprise a mere three percent of registered vehicles on American roads, yet account for at least 15 percent of all fatal road accidents. No matter how you look at it, these are troubling numbers. READ MORE >>

A primary aspect of an independent insurance agent's job is helping clients understand the vocabulary of coverage. A common misunderstanding that pops up on a regular basis is about the definition and utility of an SR-22 insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Our beautiful country offers majestic mountain ranges throughout many of the states. Whether you have the privilege of living near any of these breathtaking peaks or you just travel through them on a vacation, they present some unique driving challenges. READ MORE >>

After the record snowfall in New England this winter, it’s easy to see how natural disasters and other events can get in the way of conducting business. Extremely poor weather, downed power lines, building destruction and supplier interruptions can all contribute to a standstill in business operations. READ MORE >>

Before the boating season sets in, it’s a good time to prep your boat and make any necessary repairs. With your boat in great shape, you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine with minimal risk of problems along the way. READ MORE >>

In these difficult economic times, people are holding onto their cars longer. As your car ages, the insurance premiums that you pay each year are likely to drop due to the reduced value of your car. Every year you put off buying a new car means more money you save from not having to make monthly car payments on a new car. READ MORE >>

An SR-22 addendum covers high-risk drivers and is mandatory in a number of situations. No other aspect of insurance is quite as misunderstood as the SR-22, which is why we would like to address some of the most common myths concerning it. Myth #1: You do not need auto insurance to obtain an SR-22. READ MORE >>

Many drivers have never heard of SR-22 insurance, and the ones who have heard of it have probably been the source of hazardous driving situations. However, if you’ve been notified that you must file an SR-22 and you’re not sure why, you probably have quite a few questions. READ MORE >>

Plenty of large companies have experienced a data breach that made national news. However, that exposure has led to some misconceptions about the true nature of data breaches. Smaller businesses should be wary in distinguishing hype from fact. Here’s the truth about the following misconceptions. READ MORE >>

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