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For water lovers, sunshine and boating go hand in hand. Many seasoned boaters have long become familiar with the tools and other items that come in handy while on the water. But novice boaters may still benefit from the advice of others. READ MORE >>

Will a sizzling hot, candy apple red minivan result in higher auto insurance premiums than a black sports car just because of the color? Not likely. This myth may linger because red cars overall are easier to see, thus making them easier targets for the highway patrol. READ MORE >>

Did you know that inland marine insurance gets its name from the insurance written as far back as the 1700s for cargo shipped across oceans? However, today inland marine insurance policies are written as a business insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Buying your first motorcycle denotes a hefty lifestyle change. Before taking the plunge, do your research and consider that factors involved in the decision. Here are a few topics to think about before rushing off to the dealership on a whim. Type Of Bike: Consider your plans for your new motorcycle. READ MORE >>

Soaking up the sunshine on the deck of your boat can be an enjoyable, relaxing experience. But too much sunshine can take its toll on your health. The key to a great boating excursion is safety. Watch for these three health risks that can occur from overexposure to the hot sun. Heat Exhaustion READ MORE >>

If you are planning a family road trip this summer, take a few minutes to focus on making the drive a safe one. Many Americans will be taking to the road over the next few months. Those with kids in tow realize the added challenge of keeping kids entertained and staying focused on the road. READ MORE >>

After you have been ordered by the court to get an SR-22, it is not the end of your driving career. Whether you receive the court order as a result driving under the influence (DUI), driving recklessly or getting into an accident while you didn't have auto insurance, you can still get coverage by... READ MORE >>

Even though boats are leisure items, you do not want to pay too much for your boat insurance. Each dollar you save can be put towards the cost of gas to fuel your next sea excursion. So, what's the best way to save? By adopting the following strategies, you can save on your boat insurance premiums. READ MORE >>

Errors and omissions (E & O) insurance protects you and your company in the event that a client is dissatisfied with a service you delivered or failed to deliver. Other names include malpractice insurance and professional liability insurance. Companies that aren't covered by E & O insurance pose a serious financial risk. READ MORE >>

Your helmet is your last line of defense should you have a motorcycle accident. While it's designed to be tough, its integrity can be compromised in a number of ways. For this reason,it's important that you avoid these three helmet usage mistakes. Keeping Your Helmet for Too Long READ MORE >>

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